Organic Skincare, Herbal Wellness Support & Earthy Crafts

I'm Bonnie Jean, herbalist and sole crafter of Earth Care Apothecary. 
I created my apothecary company during the pandemic; with all the time at home, I dove into my passion of making my home, skincare products 100% organic, clean and toxic free. I wanted to understand and trust every ingredient I am putting in and on my body. I feel our skincare should be food-grade and completely edible because if you can't eat it, why would you put it on your skin. My skin health and complexion has improved dramatically since I started producing and using only fresh, botanical oils, and incorporating more herbs into my diet and daily life. 

Everything I make I use for myself and trust every ingredient to be of high quality, safe, edible and the best skincare the earth has to offer. I am firm believer that the natural earth cares for us deeply, and it's time we move back to the source of true health and wellness. Everything is produced in my home apothecary kitchen in Santa Cruz, CA.  I wildcraft herbs sustainably and locally when possible.

Made with love, gratitude and deep respect for Mother Earth.